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Monday, April 6, 2009


Some thoughts from Brian Tracy on goal setting:

Goal setting is the master skill of success...Written goals transform you from a wondering generality into a meaningful specific...The very act of committing your goals to paper programs them into your subconscious.

Principle 1. Dream big Dreams!
Only big dreams have the power to motivate and inspire you toward the fulfillment of your full potential. Only big dreams liberate your imagination and energy, and give you the drive to overcome the obstacles and difficulties that you will experience on the path to your goal. Only big dreams can keep you excited and working enthusiastically every day toward their accomplishment.

Principle 2. Write your goals in the present tense
Your goals must be in writing, in the present tense, as though they already exist. Your subconscious only accepts commands that are worded in the present tense, such as, “I weigh 150 pounds,” or “I earn $100,000 per year,” or “I live in a beautiful 3,500-square-foot, custom-designed home.”

Rewrite your goals daily.

Affirm your goals regularly.

Principle 3. Keep your goals in balance.
Your goals must be in balance and cover the three most important areas of your life.

Principle 4. Know your major definite purpose.
You must decide what your “major definite purpose” is. This is the one goal in your life that is more important than any other. This is the one goal that, if accomplished, will allow you to attain more of your other goals.