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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Hard to have a great basketball program without a great strength program.

I take pain-staking time to hire the best strength coach.

Down on the block we find out who is the stronger.

Strength training develops confidence and poise.

If you are not committed to having the best strength program you can have, the you aren't committed to having the best program you can have.

Stretching is overrated -- social scene -- players stretch on their own time...if we have practice at 3:30 then practice starts at 3:30.

Strength training is another area where "we get better together."

Once practice starts, we lift three days a week...during the season, two days a week.

Once the season is over we jump back into it hard...once the games are over, don't bail on the weights.

Majerus reviews weight charts once a month. Chart everything you do in the weight room -- it's like keep score.

Strength coach must be held accountable. It his only job. He doesn't recruit. He is not involved in academics. He just does strength training.