Monday, August 8, 2016


One of the things in the era of social media that has had a positive effect on coaching is the numerous resources available to us.  There are some outstanding coaches that are sharing wonderful information via twitter, websites, emails, and blogs.

Last week I did an interview with Megan Leuck and Kaitlyn Cresencia who have created a website titled "The Coaching Assist."  What they do is target various coaches and then do a comprehensive 30 minute interview via telephone and then put those thoughts on their website. They also include book reviews.

What makes the site so outstanding is that they ask great questions.  Their concept is not only do they want to provide valuable information to other coaches but to learn on their own through the process.  I believe that motivation allows them to decide on the questions to ask.

This is especially a great source of information for assistant coaches looking to grow in this profession.

My interview can be read here.  But I highly recommend that you check out the entire site.