Monday, October 5, 2020


This is Part III of a series of clinic notes.  During the past 6 months I have had the opportunity to attend 37 zoom clinics.  It has been an outstanding opportunity of growth for me -- learning and listening to coaches I great respect and many I had not gotten the opportunity to hear and what I'm d
oing over the next few days is to share a few quick hitters.

Buzz Williams: "Our team of coaches is the example of being a great teammate for our teams."

Chris Beard: Adapt to technology — big in sending clips to players on their phone.

 Mike Neighbors' recommendations:

            Podcasts: Michael Lewis — “Against the Rules”

            Book: “Thinking In Bets” — Annie Duke

            Website: “”

Eric Musselman: Worked for Chuck Daly who referred to everything as a meeting. 

     A timeout was a meeting 

     Pre game was a meeting 

     Halftime was a meeting 

     Post game was a meeting 

     You have to be prepared for meetings

Frank Martin: Our cornerstones:

     1. Honesty

     2. Trust

     3. Loyalty

     4. Love

Need love to withstand the storms.

Kevin Eastman: Control what you can control

     System you employ

     Players you choose

     Example you set

     Preparation you put in

Mike Lombardi: Must have a leader regardless of skill set

     Management of attention

     Command of process

     Command of self

     Management of trust

Tim Kight on discipline:

Discipline means "learning" not punishment" -- it's a learned skill 

Disciplined is not something done to you but chosen by you to do.

If you chose not to have a disciplined life, you will live by default.

Observations by Mike Lombardi:

1. Peyton Manning had an elite level of preparation — great note taker...would come to QB meeting on Tuesday and have 16-30 pages of notes from the game film he took himself before meeting with staff.

 2. Watched Tom Brady in Patriots meeting room — 2nd row...complete eye practice by himself working on nothing but footwork.

 3. Wade/LeBron working out together — level of work….level of detail in stretching.

Tom Cream: "Somebody’s greatness may be somebody else’s good."