Wednesday, March 27, 2019


I'm incredibly excited about this event and looking forward to growing in my personal and professional life on April 10 at the Hall of Champions at Kyle Field.  I've known Don Yaegar for 20 years and he is a transformative speaker.  Ed Molitor is a former coach that has dedicated his life to helping groups and individuals find success.

The Center for Executive Development at Mays Business School in partnership with The Molitor Group

Join Don Yaeger and Ed Molitor in the Ford Hall of Champions at Kyle Field for Unleashing Greatness, a Leadership Performance event where they will share with you the traits and behaviors of high-performing leaders in athletics. They will demonstrate how those same traits and behaviors intersect with remarkable business leaders. More importantly, they will show you how you can further develop these traits and behaviors to unleash your individual and collective greatness.

There is no better setting for this powerful event: the Ford Hall of Champions was part of an unprecedented transformation of Kyle Field and continues in the traditions of the greatness of Texas A&M. For one day, the Ford Hall of Champions will serve as a gathering place for some of the top business leaders and teams in the region.

This setting will provide a memorable experience in a creative environment and help us break away from the typical conference setting. The Ford Hall of Champions setting means fewer interruptions and more focus — a day out of the office provides an opportunity to take a mental break from the never-ending to-do list and the usual distractions that pop up throughout the day.

Our day together will be broken down into three sections where Don and Ed plan to go deep on:
•Unleashing Greatness through Authentic and Resilient Leadership
•Recruiting in a Tight Labor Market and Stopping the Revolving Door
•Embracing the Power of Greatness- Game-Changers that you will not find in the playbook

Additionally there will be an interactive Q&A Section. The practices we cover will equip you with the tools to:
•Increase your self-awareness
•Communicate authentically
•Leverage your strengths
•Develop and strengthen powerful relationships
•Develop an unshakeable foundation of trust
•Build a culture worth fighting for
•Develop a champion mindset built through self-discipline and repetition
•Unleash Your Greatness

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