Wednesday, August 28, 2019


Our athletic department was blessed this opening week of school to have Tim Elmore speak to our student-athletes and then to our coaches and administrators.  While there was several great take-aways from Tim in our challenge to better communicate, teach and inspire a new generation of young people, one really resonated with me.

Tim held up a bottle of water and talked about the difference in "timeless" and "culture."  He explained that water is timeless -- it's been around forever.  Yet here we are today consuming water out of a bottle instead of a faucet -- that is the change in culture.

Water is the message we are trying to deliver to our student-athletes. The messages today are no different than the messages from yesterday -- commitment, work ethic, sacrifice, teamwork, etc.  But as teachers we have to change our "packaging."  We can't deliver water out of the faucet anymore and this needs to be an important consideration as we give thought to communicating and teaching our individuals and teams.

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