Monday, January 22, 2018


Anytime we can pass along a resource that could be valuable to you or your team we do so.  Such is the case with "The Leadership Playbook" by Jamy Bechler.  It's one of those few books that would be beneficial to a coach as well as a player to read.  A big component to teaching is story telling and Jamy shares so many great stories to help get important points across to your team.  Don Meyer says "Your example isn't the main thing -- it's the only thing."  And Jamy has so many examples in this book that can relate to so many different areas to your players.

Each chapter also starts out with several motivational quotes -- something we are always looking for to help us paint a picture for our players.

Jamy has done his homework as well including this passage on Kwahi Leonard of San Antonio:
During the 2015-16 season, Kwahi Leonard shot 44.3% from the three-point arc.  Only J.J. Redick and Steph Curry shot better.  Considering that Leonard was First-Team All-NBA, that hardly seemed strange.  However, a few years earlier he had been a very poor shooter.  I his two years at San Diego State University, he shot 20.5% and 29.1% from the three-point arc.  It is a testament to Leonard's coachability and work ethic that we was willing to honestly evaluate his game and his goals.
There are so many of these types of stories that can help motivate a player.  We have used several with our team already.