Friday, May 3, 2019


This is certainly a specific set of summer pick-up guidelines from Coach Majerus but you can absolutely see what he is trying to emphasize with his team.  What your points of emphasis in pick up that will help improve your team?

1. Deny every pass; get back-doored every time = Overplay, ear in chest, on & up the line
2. On catch, put your nose on the chest, force dribble, and level him off.
3. Stance = On ball, Denial, Help.
4. Front the Post = At all times when ball is outside of the funnel
5. Foul Shots – All great shooters know their exact FT%; all bad ones preface with “about”
6. Close out to everybody as though they are a great shooter = no jump shots
    Get a nose in their chest;  force baseline