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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Thanks to Coach Eric Musselman for this list of motion priorities from Larry Gibson.

1. Players must constantly be aware of:
... (1) reading thethe defense,
... (2) knowing what your teammates are doing,
... (3) moving with a purpose and
... (4) executing fundamentals.

2. Players must realize the importance of floor balanceand spacing.

3. Players must realize the importance of ball reversal.

4. Players mut know that the "screener is a scorer." andthe screener must be constantly reminded to be alert forscoring opportunities.

5. Players must know the proper use of the dribble.

6. Players must know the importance of "control of the ball).(Proper passing, catching and ballhandling fundamentals.)

7. Shot discipline.

8. Players mut be taught to move with a purpose.

9. Players must be patient. We like four passes before we shoot the ball.

Practice restrictions...Coach Gipson uses in teaching the offense:
No dribbling or shooting
Make a minimum # of passes before shooting
Get a specific kind of shot
Specific players shooting
Post man handles ball a specific # of times