Monday, December 5, 2011


Thought I'd follow up the previous post about the New England Patriots' culture of working hard with this passage from my favorite Jon Gordon book "Training Camp," again talking about how talent is not enough:

You see, everyone says they want to be great, but very few are willing to pay the price. When a player asks me how to get to the next level, I ask them how much they want it. Because if you want it you’ll be willing to pay the price and invest the time, energy, sweat, and dedication that greatness requires. People think it’s all about talent. But talent isn’t enough anymore. It’s about infusing talent with heart, soul, spirit, and passion. It’s about doing the things that make the best better than everyone else. And these things have nothing to do with talent,” he said, raising his voice as he smacked his hands together.

“You remind me a lot of the way I used to think. I thought that being great meant that I needed to get stronger, quicker, and faster. And while those things were certainly part of becoming a great football player, I have learned that this is not where greatness begins. You see, striving for greatness doesn’t start on the field. It starts right here, in your head. You win here first,” he said, pointing to his forehead, “Then you win on the field.”