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Monday, June 16, 2014


Yesterday we shared portions of an article from Inc. on questions to be asked of an organization in regard to self-evaluation.  It made be ponder what would be good questions for us as coaches to ask of ourselves and our program.  At Texas A&M, we've been involved in this process along side of our administration for the past two months, meeting each two weeks to have discussions.  It is going to be an important part of our growth.  Here is the list I came up with that I think are worth asking (in random order):

1. How can we increase our relevance within our department, university and community?

2. What are we doing in the off-season to support and grow our fan base?

3. What is one strength for each player that they can develop for them to continue to grow?  Do you have a plan to assist them?

4. What is one weakness for each player that you need for them to improve upon?  Do you have a plan to assist them?

5. What one thing can you do for each player this off-season away from the game to help them grow as people and show them how much you care?

6. When people hear the name of your program, what is the one word that comes to their mind?  What one work do want them to hear?

7. Can your players write down on a piece of paper what they believe their program stands for?  What is your culture and do your players recognize it?

8. Do you have at least two events planned this summer for your team together away from basketball to develop and grow your team’s chemistry?

9. What one thing can you do for each staff member to help them grow professionally and or personally?

10. What one phase of the game are you going to pick to study on this summer?  How will you go about doing that?

11. Do you have a summer book reading list?

12. How many former players can you reach out to this summer with a phone call or note?

13. Is there a retired coach in your area that you can take to lunch and talk some basketball?

14. Are you going to a clinic or visiting with a coach or staff to grow your knowledge?

15. Have you made plans to spend time with your family to sharpen the saw?

16. Does our system of play afford us the opportunity to compete with the best in our league?
17. What is your social media strategy?  I think you need one and we will post why later.
18. What are you doing this off-season to promote your program?  With your fan base? With the media?  With the community?
19. What is one area of our offensive system that we need to improve upon?  What is our plan for improving it?
20. What is one area of our defensive system that we need to improve upon? What is our plan for improving it?
21. What is one area of our transition game that we need to improve upon? What is our plan for improving it?
22. If you are a head coach, what are you going to do this off-season to invest in your staff?  What can you do to help them  grow professionally?  What can you do to help with your staff chemistry?
23. What needs to be done to improve our facilities and equipment?  Do we have a plan to make that happen?
24. If fundraising is a component to our program's success, what can we do this summer to raise money or set up fundraising strategies for this upcoming season?
25. How can we improve you Team Notebook?