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Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I have spent a great deal of the summer going over our defensive schemes and looking for ways to improve how we defend.  It's included attending clinics, talking with coaches, viewing game film of ours and other teams, watching teaching DVD's and reviewing previous notes I've took and collected.  One of the areas I'm looking at is defensive strategies in late clock situations.  Here are some good guidelines from Del Harris:

When there are only 10 seconds left on the shot clock, it’s wise to call out a signal such as “clock,” or use a color. Both the offense and the defense should always be aware of how much time is left. An intelligent offense will make adjustments for the final 10 seconds of the shot clock to get off a good shot rather than a heave from 25 feet.

Defensively, some adjustments can be made to make it more difficult for the offensive team to get the kind of shot it wants. Some of those tactics include te following:

Switch on every pick to prevent an easy catch-and-shoot action. The offense does not have enough time to capitalize on a mismatch.

Trap the pick-and-roll action automatically as early and as aggressively as possible.  Make quick rotations to steal.  It's difficult for the offense to make the two good passes necessary to beat the trap.

Trap the low post, preferably from the top of the defense, and rotate quickly for the steal. Again, force the offense to have to make two passes to get the ball into position to score in a short-seconds situation.

Apply the “star player” trap rule. Trap a really good offensive player who has the ball on the wing, corner or low post with the nearest man and force him to give up the ball. If the “star player” is out front be a little more cautious, but still look for an opportunity to trap if possible. If they are going to score, make them do it with less than their best player.

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