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Wednesday, September 10, 2014


The following list comes from Dan Hughes, head coach of the San Antonio Stars who will be a featured speaker at the 3rd Annual Gary Blair Coaching Academy.

1. Individual Time
Make each player feel that you are passionate about helping him or her to be the best player possible.  Show them through your actions that you are trying to make them a better player.

2. Never waste time
Don’t abuse your time together.  Be organized. 

3. Pace of practice
Practice should flow.

4. Make practice competitive
Challenge your players with games, keep score, etc.

5. Vary the ways you communicate with your players
Ex/video, handouts, etc.

6. Overload your players/challenge them
3 on 2, 3 on 5, 2 on 1, etc.

7. Integrate your game plan into practice sessions

8. Teach the meaning of teamwork
Players need to learn to recognize each others accomplishments

9. Always reinforce the outcomes you expect.
10.  End each practice on a positive note.
Not just with words but with accomplishments.


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