Tuesday, May 30, 2017


I thought I'd share how I keep up with some of my reading -- specifically magazine, internet or newspaper articles.

I keep a file folder with me simply marked "Reading."

Anytime I see an article but don't have time to read it I'll print it out or cut it out and slide it in my folder.  There are usually between 10 and 25 articles in that folder at any time.  I keep it in my backpack so that I can pull an article out at anytime and read it.

I treat the articles like I do a book, marking relevant passes with a yellow highlighter to be added to a typed list of notes.  

What am I looking for?

Anything that will make me a little smarter or better at what I do.  It might be something pertaining to coaching, teaching or personal growth.

Anything that I can share with our team.  It could be technical or motivational.  It might be something to share with all of the team or specific members.

Anything that I would like to share with those that read my blogs.  I have a blog for coaches and one for players and am constantly looking to keep them updated with information to possibly help them grow.

Sometimes I will find something that we can utilize in recruiting.  Maybe it's an article of passage of an NBA player that I know a recruit might enjoy or possibly their coach.

At times, I will find something that I can share with someone in general.  Maybe an administrator, our staff, a former player or even a friend.

The key is having a system and then finding the time to read.  By carrying it with me I can pull out an article at any time.  Today at the car wash, I got through three articles which beats watching the brushes spin round and round!

I'll blog on this later but I've recently started using the app "Pocket" on the advice of Buzz Williams which is excellent for saving and transfer articles.  Once installed on your browser, when you come across an article, you are one click away from saving it for later -- from your PC or any mobile device.  You can then pull it up and anytime to read.  You can also forward it to people via email or text or share on your social media accounts. The photo to the right is what my "Pocket" looks like this morning with some articles waiting for me to catch up on.  If I "check" the article on one device, I can pull them up on any of mine.

I'm also utilizing a similar app titled "Instapaper" -- working to decide which one fits me the best.  Early on I really like the highlighting open on "Instapaper."  I'll keep you posted.