Wednesday, October 24, 2018


No stone unturned. 

Everything matters.

A reason for everything.

Fight for your culture everyday.

Coach Saban is about the process.  What is being done at this particular moment to make us better.  

It fascinates me to watch how Coach Saban never misses an opportunity to maintain the philosophy of process -- to hold strong the culture of daily improvement.  The language and daily message to his team is critical to this process.  This was true again at his weekly press conference where he explain the way they view an off week:

"I think the players got the idea from what I talked about yesterday at noon, was can you create momentum during a bye week by what you do. Define what a bye week is. Is a bye week a week off or is a bye week a week that you don't have a game but you have an opportunity every day to go out and improve on the things that you need to improve on, whether it's from a mental intensity standpoint, having lapses. Whether it's in a game. Those things happen in practice. So you practice those things so that you have the opportunity to improve." 

"A bye week is also about getting rest, getting hydrated, working on your strength. We try to balance those two things but we also take a lot of things that we're going to face in the next four weeks and try to get a little bit of work on all those things. So that's what we tried to do today. “