Friday, September 25, 2020


This is Part II of a series of clinic notes.  During the past 6 months I have had the opportunity to attend 37 zoom clinics.  It has been an outstanding opportunity of growth for me -- learning and listening to coaches I greatly respect and many I had not gotten the opportunity to hear before.  Obviously 37 zoom clinics have created a mountain of notes and what I'm doing over the next few days is to share a few quick hitters.

Mike Lombardi on Bill Belichick and the message to his staff:  “this who we are — go find players that fit.”

Tom Cream on recruiting: "If a kid isn’t winning in the summer circuit you need to take a deeper look." 

Todd Henry: Be wise in assimilating information to everyone

     ◄Send necessary emails to necessary people

     ◄Have necessary meeting with necessary people

     ◄Give necessary information with necessary people

Todd Gongwer: With all the adversity, two things remain unchanged:

     ◄The amount of time we have each day

     ◄The ability to make choices

 Tim Kight: “Every team faces some kind of adversity.  Mediocre teams are destroyed by it.  Good teams survive it.  Great teams get better because of it.”

Stan Van Gundy: “It’s the worst feeling when opponent gets an easy bucked because we didn’t prepare.”

 Shaka Smart’s Non-Negotiable’s



     ◄1 second rule — time to bounce up after hitting the floor

Rod Olson on the Navy SEALS: Raised team standard means individual standards are raised.

Antonio Lang: Pat Riley would tape shoot around and walk thru.

Mike Wells: “A pro can be ready to play 30 minutes when they haven’t played in two weeks.”

Roland Nored: “Break bread with players.”

Mike Neighbors: Feedback must be immediate on shots early in practice and season.

Buzz Williams: Determine what space to fight for

     ◄How do I utilize my time?

     ◄Goal - efficiency