Wednesday, February 8, 2012


The following comes an excellent book, "Championship Team Building" written by Jeff Janssen.

1. Resistant- player has not bought into the team goal, usually because he has his own agenda. The only reason the player may be working hard is for selfish reasons.

2. Reluctant- player is hesitant, disinterested or sometimes afraid to commit to the team goal. These are the players who usually do enough to get by when prodded, but cut corners when they thing they can get away with it.

3. Existent- team goal has little significance and the player is often participating for other reasons. These are the players who are on the team because their friends are or their parents want them to be. (This level occurs often in youth sports.)

4. Compliant- team goal is important and the player will do what is asked to achieve the team goal. This player understands and agrees with the team goal and will abide by the team standards to achieve it. They will do what is asked of them and usually no more or no less.

5. Committed- team goal is of high importance and the player is willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve it. These are the players who put in the extra time and energy necessary to help the team succeed.

6. Compelled- team goal is of utmost importance and the player is totally invested in making it a reality. These are the players who feel a true sense of mission and purpose in what they are doing. They seek to and enjoy putting in extra time because they view it as an important investment in achieving the team’s mission.