Sunday, March 24, 2013


Back in 2003 I flew to Columbus, Ohio to spend a couple of days with Coach Jim Foster. He was kind enough to open his program up and spend time with me discussing a variety of topics. I have always had a great deal of respect for Coach Foster back from his days at St. Joe's through his time where we competed against each other during his tenure at Vanderbilt. Over the next few days I will share some of the notes I took from our discussions.

First, why is she missing passes...bad eyes?...taking eyes off pass?...poor hands?
Medicine ball work is good for hands
A player with poor hands must work on it everyday.
Bad Pass Drill - player's back to passer...turns for catch on verbal call
Always stress 2-hand catches
A player with bad hands places responsibility on the passer as well.
Motivate poster by telling her she is "protecting the passer"

Coach Foster likes squats for post players to develop base
Use bench press position as a visual for players that only use one hand to post up.
Coach Foster: "We want you to post up like you bench press.  Can you bench press with just one arm?"

Breaks players into groups by position in the middle of practice for 15 minutes for individual work.

In 4 Player Workouts, Coach Foster will work 2 Post/2 Perimeter at times and other times keep the post players together...when post players are together, he spends a lot of time working on X-Out options.

For footwork, relies on strength coach for agility and on their own basketball specific drills for footwork.

Coach Foster is big on just having one coach responsible for Ohio State Coach Foster is the individual shooting coach...doesn't want different coaches giving different things to shooters to work on...lock in one area and improve it.
Coach Foster talks to players about shooting in 3rd person.
4 ways to miss a shot: short, long, off right, off left
Short & long are depth perception problems
95% of all misses to right or left deal with guide hand
The better the shooter, the more competitive you must be with her.