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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Alan Stein is one of my heroes!  I love people that are first, passionate about what they do, and then secondly, share with others.  As Coach Don Meyer would say, discover your gift, develop your gift and then give it away.

Not too long ago Alan listed 45 elements that he has recognized in GREAT players.  Below are some of my favorites.  But make sure you go his site (click here) to view them all

Great players... run the floor as fast as possible on fast breaks AND defensive transition.

Great players... contest all shots. They don't go for ball fakes or shot fakes. They deflect passes, bump cutters, and take charges.

Great players... are strong with the ball. They rip through hard on offense, 'chin' all rebounds, and don't expose the ball when dribbling

Great players... practice just as hard as they play in games. They don't have an 'on and off switch' - they are ALWAYS on!

Great players... 'Play Present.' They focus on the process, not the outcome. They focus on what they can control. They don't get distracted.

Great players… value every possession.  They aren’t careless with ball.  They make smart passes and take high percentage shots.

Great players… are top-notch communicators.  They talk with a presence on both ends of the floor.

Great players… are never content and never complacent.