Saturday, April 27, 2013


Coach Don Meyer calls it sucking scum -- doing things that aren't attractive or enjoyable in order to that which you love -- coach.  For those young coaches starting out -- that want to start at the top -- take in consideration one of the games greatest high school coaches, Bob Hurley:

"Those first teams at St. Anthony, I was also working at the post office for a stretch -- and then, for another stretch, in roadway trucking.  Whatever I could find, if I could fit it into my days, I jumped at it.  I even delivered pizzas for a while -- which mean we ate a lot of end-of-the-night leftover pizza.  The one constant in that early part of my career was the work in recreation.  The other part-time jobs would come and go, but I always ran those summer leagues."

From "Chasing Perfect" by Bob Hurley