Tuesday, May 7, 2013


During NBA lockout two years ago, at Coaching U Live, there were 16 NBA coaches attending just to take notes and learn.

Don't coach basketball -- coach people.

The following are notes I took from my friend Brendan Suhr during his keynote address at "A Step Up Assistant Coaching Symposium."

Coaching is taking players where they can't take themselves.

Two important questions to ask yourself:
1. How does it feel to be coached by me
2. Would I want to play for myself

What do the great coaches have/do?
1. Energy, enthusiasm, passion
2. Determined, mentally tough
3. Be an optimist = competitive advantage
4. Develop skills

Become an expert at something

For an assistant coach is should be 10% emotion and 90% evaluation

Assistant coaches must always be up...can't have a bad day

Lou Holtz:  "Complaining is like vomiting.  It may make you feel better in the end but not everyone else around you."

Coach Suhr learned a lot from scouting -- helped him to develop his philosophy.

NBA teams have plays they only run in the last 4 minutes of a game.

When everyone knows what you are going to do -- it comes down to execution.

Culture of execution -- Jerry Sloan -- only had 7 plays.

Coach Suhr -- "Don't leave scars on your players before breaking down the video."

Loves Jon Gordon and his books.