Thursday, May 9, 2013


I had the privilege of working with Joni Crenshaw for one year and she left a very strong impression with me.  She was extremely intelligent with a great work ethic and deeply cared about her student-athletes.  She is a rising start in our profession and A Step Up Assistant Coach Symposium, her topic was "Presenting Yourself and Thinking Like a Head Coach."

Be in the moment
     Be the best where you are
    "God doesn't want you in big things until you can handle little things."
                        -Joel Osteen

Let you boss know your aspirations and goals so they can help you grow.

Find a place where you can have a say and be involved.

Keep your identity -- be yourself...take your head coaches ideas and own them.

Support your head coach -- loyalty -- know your head coach's message.

The next job will happen if you put in the work where you are.

There is no next thing for me.

Remember it's not about you -- glory comes in what they learn.

Stay in the moment in practice...always pay attention
     In practice
     In video
     In meetings
     On the bench

Learn the ropes...
     ...your program
     ...your boss
     ...your school's tradition

If you know it, then it will come from the heart when you sell it.

Don't get boxed into one thing.  Be an expert in some things, but grow in others.

Don't be above doing the little things.

Be curious about your craft.

Be ready when your opportunity comes

What responsibilities have you been give that allow you to show leadership.

Can you do it in the moment or on demand.

Prepare so that you can empower your boss and players.

Not all conversations with your players have to be about basketball.  What are you teaching them?  Do you talk to them about saving money and other personal issues?

Be the head coach in your area...if you are a post coach be the head coach of the posts...if you are in charge of academics, be the head coach of academics...this doesn't mean undermine your boss.

Perfect your efficient...take initiative.

Say what you're thinking -- don't swallow it -- no matter how the head coach's you job to speak up and it's the head coach's job to make the decisions.

Be consistent in all ethic.

Look the part
     How you dress
     How we talk
     Positive attitude/personality
     Emotional stability
     Maintain social balanced
     Let players see you outside of basketball

Keep growing
     How to you develop yourself
     How to you develop others

Ask for more responsibility

Leave an impression

Know your support staff

Develop relationships with players and coaches

Know the coaches and colleagues in the department

Befriend people on campus

Know what your boss thinks/likes...Joni can order a drink, a meal and snacks for everyone on her staff just by having paid attention to them.

Always have a pen and pad ready

Use social media to promote your program and your brand

Don't ruin your reputation...know that you are being watched at all times and act accordingly