Thursday, September 19, 2013


Thanks to my junior high coach and mentor Allen Osborne for passing along these clinic notes from John Beilein:
1. Skill Development

Develop drills and time them

Gives kids a sense of achievement when they improve.

2. Shooting

3. There are a lot of ways to win

Press, zone, man, half court, full court, guards, bigs, etc.

No magic formula

4. Culture is going to win

Teamwork, the importance of “The Team, The Team, The Team” - Bo Schembechler

Coaches need to have a relationship

Know mom, dad, brothers, sisters, names, etc.

Coach Beilein incorporates Cazzie Russell and Glen Rice “spots on the floor.” Helping to create the culture while recognizing the past players who have helped pave the way.  And it is strategically sound information. Glenn Rice is 28 feet from the rim on the wing, and Cazzie Russell is in the corner.

5. Stance, Talk, Balance

“Kids can’t Text or Tweet though a screen”

“Why can’t we be the best talking team in the country?”

6. Pivoting

Sweep, over head, Waffle

Practices a lot. National Runner Up and we do “grade school pivoting drills”

Fewest Turnovers in the country

7. Jump Stop

8. Passing out of the post

So tough to defend

Get the ball behind the defense

Opens up so much

9. Use of backdoor

Have a backdoor option