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Monday, December 30, 2013


You need guidelines for an effective practice

Never let a player shoot on their own
Players need a coach, manager, or other player with them
No free shooting on their own

Have things in practice that are physically and mentally tough
Drills where players will bang/bruise each other
Drills that will challenge their mind (mental quickness)

Start practice with quick drills
Drills that require hand/eye quickness, and get their mind thinking right away

Don’t practice too long
You get to a “point of no return” with practice time
Start of season thru December = 2 hour, 15 min practice
January thru End of the season = Never go longer than 1 hour 15min
Player/Team Development
Drills that involve an individual skill – spend no more than 5 minutes
Drills that involve the team as a whole – spend no more than 10 minutes