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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


OFF-SEASON THOUGHTS -- DAY #7: During this 10-day period, we are going to load up our blog on thoughts that are relevant to developing or improving your off-season program.  We will delve on off-season topics from player development and drill work to motivation and team building.  It will be our sincere wish that over the next 10 days we can provide you with at least one item or thought that will help you and your program.

A part of summer has to be the improvement of strength and conditioning.  I have been blessed to have coached at some places with some outstanding performance coaches including Jen Jones here at Texas A&M.  What the best do is that they work the student-athletes in a fashion that they can enjoy that work as much as possible.  A big key is coming up with new and fresh ideas.  It is difficult for today's athlete to maintain good energy with  a monotonous, daily, regimented workout -- whether its on the basketball court, in the weight room or out on the track.  Jen is always coming up with great ways to get our strength, speed and explosiveness developed.  It's why I enjoyed this video of Florida's men's basketball team and their Summer Strongman Competition.