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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


OFF-SEASON THOUGHTS -- DAY #7: During this 10-day period, we are going to load up our blog on thoughts that are relevant to developing or improving your off-season program.  We will delve on off-season topics from player development and drill work to motivation and team building.  It will be our sincere wish that over the next 10 days we can provide you with at least one item or thought that will help you and your program.

Below is J.J. Redick going through a series of shots he likes to work on when facing a closeout situation.  He has five that he works from in his shooting workout.  The question is, what shots are your players working on in the off-season.  Don't assume they know what they need to be shooting. 

Thoughts on developing an off-season program should include:

GAME SHOTS: Give your players the shots they need to hit for you as it relates to how you play offensively.  I was impressed that Redick had a routine for attacking closeouts. Have a plan of what is important to your offensive success and work your off-season program around that.

GAME SPEED: You players must know that game shots much be at game speed.  Be quick, but don't hurry.  Using a stop watch or clock can assist in creating a sense of urgency.

TECHNIQUE: Make sure you give them one simple teaching point for the drill that will help them with better execution.  They don't need a huge laundry list to follow -- because they won't.

MEASURE: A method of measuring makes is important.  The ability to chart improvement will help with their motivation.

FORM SHOOTING: While game shots at game speed are important, players should find time for basic form shooting to reinforce the fundamentals of their basic shot.