Saturday, April 30, 2011


A few thoughts from Hall of Famer Theresa Grentz who tipped off the Assistant Coaching Symposium last night in Chicago.  Creator Felicia Hall Allen has titled this year's session "A Step Up" and Coach Grentz definitely took our 2nd symposium to another level last night.

Was told when she took for her first full-time head coaching position at Rutgers, "your classroom will be the world."

We as coaches should always remember that we are "always useful but not necessary."  She then mentioned that players should understand this as well.

She always kept three books on her desk...the team's playbook, the Bible and Emily Post

She was also an avid reader her entire career and loved reading books from four categories:
1. Basketball
2. Military Command
3. Psychology
4. Prayer

She spoke to the assistant coaches there and asked them to "constantly work in become the best version of you that you can be."

Her goal was to be "one of the most respected coaches in the game."  (not about money)

We all have a "good dog" and a "bad dog" in us...which one controls us?  The one we feed!

As coaches, "we are in an outstanding position to influence."

More from Coach Grentz later!