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Sunday, May 22, 2011


The following comes from "How to Succeed in the Game of Life" by Christian Klemash in which she poses the question, "how do you view failure?"

Brian Billick:
“I think it was Churchill (and I may be getting two quotes confused), but he said ‘Failure is nothing more than the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.’ And the other one was ‘Success is born of going from one failure to the next.’

John Chaney:
“One of my great mottos that I’ve already had licensed is ‘Be the Dream.” Don’t dream, be the dream. Another is ‘Winning Is and Attitude.’ You win with good attitude. You get a job because you go in with a good attitude. You’re not a failure because the score is not in your favor. You’re a failure if you say to yourself that you didn’t accomplish your goals, if you admit to yourself that the other guy was a winner because of the score. You cannot measure winning and losing by the score. There is such a thing as losing and there is such a thing as a loser. Losing is found in the score. Loser is when you internalize it to mean you. It’s about your attitude.”

Tony Dungy:
“Failure to me is doing less than what you’re capable of doing. I’ve been on some great teams that didn’t win championships but got close, and didn’t maybe play up to their potential all the time.”

Dan Gable:
“Failure to me is really just a lack of preparation.”

Tom Osborne:
“I think failure is essentially not being true to the gifts you’ve been given. In other words, if you have abilities and talents and you don’t use them or if you squander opportunities, to me that’s failure.”

Joe Torre:
“Failure is such a tough word because the only way you can ever learn how to win is to know what it feels like to lose. Failure is something that you have to put behind you in a hurry.”

John Wooden:
“There is no such thing as failure to the person who makes the effort to do the best they could do. It’s like character and reputation. You’re the only one that knows your character. Your reputation is what others perceive you to be. Character is far more important. For example, I think you can be successful and be outscored in a game. I think you can be unsuccessful when you outscore an opponent. You know, it’s sort of like my definition of success; it’s peace of mind, and without peace of mind, I don’t think we have much.”