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Friday, May 27, 2011


The following comes from the editors of Selling Power Magazine:

Motivation is the power that moves you into action so you can accomplish more things in a significant way.

Motivation needs to be part of your own life for you to be effective in conveying it to other people.

Motivation is like bathing. If you do it everyday, you will come out a whole lot better. And if you are motivated every day, your life will be better.

Start with a desire to do the right thing in the right way. When you do that, you empower and encourage other people to do the same thing. And, when you do that, then you’ve got a team that can do more than any one individual can do.

When you encourage others, what you are really doing also is empowering and encouraging yourself.

Hope is a foundational quality of all change. Without hope, there is no action. And action must be a part of life.

I think it is foolish to exaggerate when you are in the sales business, because trust is essential for successful salespeople. You’ve got to build trust. And the only way you build trust is by telling the truth.

I have always encourages people to keep learning new things. The new things you learn help your creativity and keep you excited and motivated.

I’ve had many good things happen to me, many people helping me, many loving me, a wonderful family. I think it would be not only foolish but irresponsible not to recognize the good and focus on that instead of complaining about a negative thing that might happen at the moment.

I don’t worry. When I lie down at night, within minutes I am always asleep. I learned from my mother that if you always do the right thing, you won’t have very many worries.

A positive attitude will let you do everything better than a negative attitude will.

By altering our attitudes we can alter our lives.

I never make a promise in a book, a speech, or a recording unless I give a plan so my reader or listener can achieve that promise.

The likelihood of motivating yourself is greatly increased with positive relationships.