Tuesday, January 10, 2012


A wonderful post from Brian Tracy.  This relates to you as a coach, your staff and your players. As coaches and leaders, we need to work on and continually develop our self-esteem.  It allows us to do our jobs better and serves as an example to others.  But we must also keep others in mind in regard to their own self-esteem.  It is critical to confidence and energy levels which of course leads to success.  Continue to give them corrective coaching but make sure that you, as Coach Don Meyer says, "catch them doing something right."  Even after a loss, when watching video clips, include clips of them executing a phase of the game properly.  Make sure you have individual meetings and team meetings to go over all areas needed to grow your team but make sure you include what they are already doing right.  You'd be amazed but a person or team could be doing something well and if they aren't told they may not know it -- therefore they may cease to repeat it.

Hear are thoughts from Brian Tracy: 

Did you know that self-esteem is the foundation of a positive self-concept? It's true that high self-esteem and self-acceptance are the critical elements in sales success.

The Reactor Core of Your Personality
Your self-esteem is the most important part of your character. This is the emotional part of your self-concept. It is the "reactor core" of your inner power. It is the emotional component of your life. It is the most important single element determining your attitude and your personality. It is the key to your success in life.

The Definition of Self-Esteem
Your self-esteem is best defined as how much you like yourself. The more you like yourself, accept yourself and respect yourself as a valuable and worthwhile person, the higher your self-esteem is. The more that you feel that you are an excellent human being, the more positive and happy you are.

The Source of Self-Motivation
Your self-esteem determines your level of energy, enthusiasm and self-motivation. Your level of self-esteem is the control valve on your performance and effectiveness. Your self-esteem is like the fuel in the first and second stages of a rocket blasting off from Cape Canaveral. People with high self-esteem do well at everything they attempt.

Who Do You Want to Be?
Your self-ideal can be defined as the person you want most to be, sometime in the future. Your self-ideal determines the direction of your life, of your growth and evolution as a person. Your self-image, on the other hand, determines the way you perform in the present. You self-image is the way you are now, today, this moment. Your self-esteem is largely determined by the relationship between your self-image, how you are performing in your day-to-day activities, and your self-ideal, the way you would perform if you were the very best person you could be.