Thursday, January 26, 2012


The following comes "Run to Daylight" by Vince Lombardi.  Coach Lombardi is talking about all the characteristics you'd like to find in a quarterback and you can actually translate it into point guard play on the basketball side:

Because of the enormous load he must carry in the way we play the game in this league, you spend more time with your quarterback and his back-up man than you do with any of the others.  Without a good quarterback, you just don't operate.

His I.Q. must be above average, because he must not only be able to absorb the coach's game plan each week but he must also have a thorough knowledge of what everyone does on every play, and he must know the opponent, the qualities and characteristics of each individual on the other team.

He should be strong physically and able to take punishment when those 270-pounders unload on him, and he should have enough height to see his receivers over those opposing linemen.

A quarterback must have great poise, too, and he must not be panicked by what the defense does or his own offense fails to do.  he must know the characteristic fakes and patterns of his ends and backs and anticipate the break before the receiver makes it.  Then there are those times when, by the nature of its rush, the defense overextends and leaves itself open to a run, so the quarterback who can also run has a great advantage.

If you find all this in one man you have found a special person, and each year you try.