Wednesday, June 5, 2013


We got the following from Mike Neighbor's at the University of Washington.  It will be a passout that we will give to our players in the early fall.

An article on says there are only three true job interview questions: 1) Can you do the job?, 2) Will you love the job?, and 3) Can we tolerate working with you? These questions boil down the essential questions for executive interviews. I think they are also valuable questions for students to consider as they progress through their education.

1) Can you do the job? Are you learning the skills you need to be a successful graphic designer? Are you really working as hard as you can to be successful? Or are you floating through thinking that the degree will open the doors for you? In truth it’s your portfolio that will get you in the door. I cannot remember one design job interview where I was asked about my college degree. My portfolio showed everything, what I was capable of doing and where my limitations were. Work hard in every class, those projects are the basis for the best portfolio you can put together.

2) Will you love the job? Do you really enjoy doing the projects, reading assignments, doing any homework? Do you get excited about the next challenge or do you cringe at the thought? Remember that you chose this career and you may be doing this or similar work for the rest of your life. Get excited about each and every project, the mundane, the most difficult and everything in between.

3) Can we tolerate working with you? How do you get along with your classmates and teachers? Are you argumentative or are you open to criticism? Do you look forward to seeing everyone and working side by side with them? Are you friendly, courteous, likeable? This is probably the most important trait you can possess. Friendly, outgoing people can learn new skills, adapt to job requirements; jerks don’t even know they’re jerks.