Saturday, June 1, 2013


A day in the life of a coach.  Sometimes it can be unassuming and sometimes it can be like yesterday.  Our staff was in the office bright and early yesterday putting the final touches on our first camp that is to begin today.  Those that put on camps, and take pride in putting on a quality camp, know the amount of effort and stress involved.  After all, we will be responsible for a lot of daughters over the next few months.

Then a little after noon we got a call that Adrienne Pratcher was in an automobile accident outside of Houston.  AP was our starting point guard this past year and was returning to College Station to help us with camp.  She hasda tire that blew on her car and then it flipped a few times landing in the other lane on the interstate.  Fortunately for all, she had her seat belt on and the airbags deployed.  Her car was totaled but she was able to walk away without injury.  Coach Kelly Bond and myself jumped in the car and sped to the scene about an hour away (kudos to Coach Bond's driving skills).  When we got there, AP's car had already been towed and she had refused medical attention.  We scooped her up, drove her back -- and made sure she got medical attention!  Thankfully she was OK.

Breathing a sigh of relief, I settled in to monitor some WNBA action with four of my players, Kelsey Bone (New York Liberty), Sylvia Fowles (Chicago Sky), Allison Hightower (Connecticut Sun) and Roneeka Hodges (Tulsa Shock) all in action.

I happened to check in on CNN to see that the state of Oklahoma was getting hit hard again by storms and tornados.  Then I received a call from Courtney Walker, our outstanding freshman, letting me know she was in the Will Rogers Oklahoma City Airport but weather was probably going to delay her flight out.  Midway through the call we got cut off.  I tried several times to call back but with no luck of getting through so I sent her a text.

Here is how it went the next few hours:

CW: Hey coach I just got into some signal down here! Still in the airport but they have moved us all to the basement.

BS: Be safe!!!! Please keep me posted!!!!

10 minutes later...

CW: They are having us get down! Circulation over us.

BS: Do what they tell you to do!!!

20 minutes later...

CW: One of the tornadoes on the ground passed over us...we're good...another circulation though close to us...power is out

BS: Keep in touch but be smart with your phone battery power.

30 minutes later...

CW: Still down here...power back on but flight attendant said 7 tornados out there and one is near us.

BS: Wow! Hang on!!! I think you are in a really safe place...have your heard from your family.

CW: Yes, Edmond is all OK...still working on my Midwest City and Del City family.

BS: Good to hear! Keep me posted

30 minutes later...

CW: All clear around here! Still thunder storming bad though! No flight going anywhere tonight! Momma coming to pick me up -- got flight out at 8:30 tomorrow morning.

BS: Great news Courtney! Make sure you and your mom are careful driving out to be a mess on the highways...also I don't think any flights are going to be going out of there in the morning...please don't feel like you have to get back here for safe!

Another sigh of relief! 

On a side note, Courtney had her mom drive her four hours to Dallas this morning so she could grab a flight at 8:30 this morning -- special kid -- special family!

Of course, it pales in comparison but Kelsey Bone picked her up her first WNBA victory last night with 8 points and 5 boards -- great effort for a rookie.  Chicago beat Connecticut -- they Sky's leading score was Big Syl with 24 points (along with 20 rebounds) and Connecticut's leading scorer was Ally with 20 points.

It was a long day but it was a GREAT day!  Went to bed thankful for a lot of blessings!

All in the day of a coaches life -- but that's what we do.