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Thursday, November 5, 2009


Helping people pursue their dreams is what I think a big part of coaching needs to be about -- not just the dreams of playing basketball on the next level but of acquiring an education, giving back to a community, growing towards being a contributing part of society in a meaningful way. Below is an excerpt from John Maxwell's book "25 Ways to Win with People" outlining some ways to help people achieve their dreams:

Encourage others in their pursuit of a dream is to give them a wonderful gift. Because dreams are at the center of our souls, we must do everything in our power to help turn dreams into reality. That is one of the greatest gifts we can ever give. How can you do it? Follow these six steps:

1. Ask them to share their dream with you.
Everyone has a dream, but few people are asked about it.

2. Affirm the person as well as the dream.
Let the person know that you not only value his or her dream but that you also recognize traits in that individual that can help him or her achieve it.

3. Ask about the challenges they must overcome to reach their dream.
Few people ask others about their dreams; even fewer try to find out what kinds of hurdles the person is up against to pursue them.

4. Offer your assistance.
No one achieves a worthwhile dream alone. You’ll be amazed by how people light up when you offer to help them achieve their dream.

5. Revisit their dream with them on a consistent basis.
If you really want to help others with their dreams, don’t make it a one-time activity you mark off your list. Check in with them to see how they’re doing and to lend assistance.

6. Determine daily to be a dream booster, not a dream buster.
Everyone has a dream, and everyone needs encouragement. Set your mental radar to pick up on others’ dreams and help them along.