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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Motion Concepts by Jim Boone, head men's basketball coach at Tusculum College.

Concepts are vague by their very nature, so it is important that they be simplified for our team and illustrated in a tangible way through the use of film, lecture sessions, and again, constantly emphasizing them during our drill work. Concepts are not rules or our guiding principles; they serve to shape our offense and the principles enable us to implement those concepts.

1. Quick and Easy Start
· Establish a quick pace through our transition game
· Make the easy play; do not attempt to hit the home run every time up
· Hit the first open man - Be available with the right cut at the right time

2. It’s Better to be Late, Rather Than Early, with our Offense
Use of the Two-Count Principle - Offensive Basketball has a Rhythm
· Catch & square-up
· Hold position
· Hold screen
· Occupy the post

3. Spacing - Spacing - Spacing
· Maintain spacing with cutting - Sprint for Space
· Good spacing sets-up cutting, driving, and post play
· Ability to remain spaced is the sign of good offense

4. Reverse the Basketball
· Side - Top - Side Approach
· Take the Ball to the Action
· Reverse to Two Players, Keep Two to the Top
· Play off of Reversal: the best drives, post feeds, etc. come off reversal

5. Develop a Four Pass Mentality
· We are not and will not hold the ball, we are working to score
· Side—Top—Side Mentality
· Must have patience in order to develop our movement
· Points Per Possession Evaluation (1.40 ppp)

6. Inside Action
· Establish through our cutting, driving, and posting
· Sets-up our perimeter game (Living on the Three is Fools Gold)
· Get to the Free Throw Line (1.40 ppp)

7. Be Decisive
· Must have a purpose to our offense, we cannot do everything, Less is More
· Establish Screeners & Cutters: Role Development
· Have a purpose and a strength in all cutting , screening, and passing
· Consistency in everything we do - it’s a SYSTEM of PLAY