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Monday, November 23, 2009


From "Talent Is Never Enough" by John Maxwell comes our passout for our team today:

What happens when you don’t prepare? Things you hoped won’t happen do happen — and they occur with greater frequency than the things you hoped would happen. The reason is simple: being unprepared puts you out of position. Ask negotiators what happens at the bargaining table when they are out of position. Ask athletes what happens when they are out of position. They lose. Preparation positions people correctly, and it is often the separation between winning and
losing. Talent-plus people who prepare well live by this motto: “All’s well that begins well.”

Preparation Principles:

1. Preparation Allows You to Tap into Your Talent
2. Preparation Is a Process, Not an Event
3. Preparation Precedes Opportunity
4. Preparation for Tomorrow Begins with the Right Use of Today
5. Preparation Requires Continually Good Perspective
6. Good Preparation Leads to Action