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Monday, November 9, 2009


I love this concept and the way Coach K describes it:

"Once practice time begins, I run motion offense with my plan. 'Motion offense' refers to a type of offense that calls for flexibility and decision making. There are not set plays. Instead players make reads and determine what they will do based on what they see. Using the concepts that govern motion offense, I can make changes as I deem necessary. If originally planned no longer seems to fit, we eliminate it. Having a guide does not mean we cannot be flexible. We can watch what is going on and say we need more contact or there is too much contact. We can watch and decide that it’s going too slowly and we need to substitute what we had planned with a competitive shooting drill. The practice plan is a living thing; it is fluid and ever-changing. But writing out the plan beforehand is a step I always. Take. I can’t ask my players to be prepared to improve and to pursue our goal if I am not prepared."

From "The Gold Standard" by Mike Krzyzewski