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Wednesday, November 4, 2009


2 biggest concerns defensively are:
1) Transition Offense with Pick & Roll
2) Pick and Roll in half court offense

4 Ways Pick & Roll puts you at a disadvantage:
1) Forces us to make a decision: switch, go under, go over, etc.
2) Keeps 2 defenders on the ball for way too long.
3) Puts us into a physical defensive position
4) It puts you into scramble mode, instead of rotation mode.
*Scramble is unpredictable, no trust, unorganized

*Must stay in rotation mode!!
- Practice Rotations!! Practice, practice, practice
- Trust it (because you practice it)
- Believe it
- We can control our movement

3 Parts to defending the Pick & Roll
1) Positioning: Be where you need to be, not where you feel like being
2) Awareness: Help spots (shrink spots), Must Spots!! Must be there to defend. Sniff plays out! What is likely to happen next.
3) Alertness: Ready to move & react at the instant we need you. Body here—Mind there

5 W’s of Pick & Roll Defense:
Where is it set? (see diagram)
2. Who is involved? Is it bigs that can shoot or not shoot? Etc.
3. What is the alignment? (where is the 4 man, where are the shooters etc.)
4. What is the communication? (early, loud, continuous) *determines who controls talk (bigs are never blind)
5. What is the coverage? (change on personnel or type of pick?, more change=more hesitation)

10 Things that hurt Pick & Roll Coverage
Poor Talk
2. Small not forcing ball to pick
3. Bigs not arriving w/picker
4. Splits or early splits
5. Rejects/counters (use pick)
6. Lack of Effort
7. Big Not in a stance
8. Opponents engage 3 other defenders
9. Ball Handlers defender gets hit by pick first
10. Opponent is in PNR Rhythm