Friday, May 21, 2010


Thanks to Josh Hinds for tweeting this posting by Jim Stovall

Effort is the one element that has to exist in all success formulas. Nothing worthwhile ever happens without our own best efforts. Sometimes, these efforts involve us making an error or mistake.

These mistakes can be temporarily painful and costly, but they need not be fatal. As long as the attitude is good and the effort is consistent, we have the potential to succeed.

The most dangerous type of mistake is a mistake of apathy. Doing the wrong thing can sometimes create a bad result, but doing nothing is always a recipe for failure. I would rather strike out while swinging for the fences than be called out by the umpire while resting the bat harmlessly on my shoulder.

All successful people are part of a team. Your team may include friends, family, colleagues, clients, and anyone who is a part of your success. From time to time, members of our team will have a temporary failure.

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