Friday, May 7, 2010


The follow comes from John Adair’s book, "Not Bosses But Leaders: How to Lead the Way to Success."

1. Direction.
Do you generate a sense of direction? “Finding a way forward involves setting new objectives and identifying new products, services, or markets,” says Adair.

2. Inspiration.
To be a leader you must inspire others to follow. “Leaders’ words and examples kindle the motivation-the moving energy- already present in the organization,” says the author.
3. Team Building.
A leader thinks and motivates in terms of teams. “Groups of individuals are transforms into teams,” says Adair. “Equally, teams tend to look for leaders rather than bosses.”
4. Example.
Actions speak louder than words- an old adage that is especially true in leadership. Are your actions worth following? Adair says, “A leader will have his or her own output or direct contribution to the common task, thereby leading from the front.”
5. Acceptance.
“You can be appointed a manager but you are not really a leader until your appointment is ratified in the hearts and minds of those who work with you,” says Adair.