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Thursday, August 4, 2011


Big thanks to Phil Beckner of Weber State for passing on these great thoughts:

Great first quote- “You are more honest evaluating yourself after getting fired.”

Coach Jeff Capel said he looked for 3 things in Assistant Coaches when he became a head coach (loyalty, hard workers, and basketball smarts) but these things eventually changed into the 6 things below...

1. Communicate-need to know how to communicate with different people (players, parents, advisors, etc.)

2. Energy-head coaches do not want an assistant who is negative or moody every day. Bring positive energy to staff meetings.

3. Evaluator-being able to evaluate talent is imperative! Know your head coach (what he likes/who can play for him)

4. Innovative/Intelligent-ideas for recruiting, practice, have a way to figure things out

5. Relentless-assistants that are not afraid to be told no, assistants that are relentless recruiters

6. Tireless-you have to be a worker, have to try to improve yourself

3 keys for Assistant Coaches:
1. Know your head coach and believe in him!
-know how he handles things
-the types of players that can/can’t play for him
-his personality

2. You cannot have an ego problem
-practice effective communication
-use “We” vs. “I”
-whenever you leave the meeting, even if difference in opinion-be connected

3. Protect your head coach
-don’t blindside w/bad issues
-be loyal

Other thoughts:
“If you want opportunities---Win where you are!”

“Assistants most important job is to make the head coach look good.”

“If your boss trusts you, don’t be afraid to speak up in meetings.”

Capel to players when first taking the VCU job-“You’re not allowed to be average in anything you do - we demand excellence”