Friday, May 27, 2016


The following are Part II of my notes from Jim Boone's lecture on Pack Line Pressure Defense at last week's TABC Coaching Clinic in San Antonio.  Jim has been a life-long friend and a special member of my coaching circle.  He is absolutely one of the best teachers around and an excellent clinician.


1. Pressure on the Basketball (based on ability/athleticism)

              “Kobe” - (Driver/Shooter) — elbows bent...finger touch closeness
              “Rondo” - (Driver) — “Sometimes not to guard is to guard.”
              “Curry” - (Dead 3)
Closeouts are about seeking leverage

Doesn’t like to switch — wants to maintain the integrity of the match-up

JB: “We are an eye-to-eye” program.”

Utilize echo yells

2. Already in Help

Chuck Daly: “Defense can’t guard two things in a row.”

Guarding non-ball defender
2 feet in Pack
Closer to the ball than your man
See ‘em both
TP: Defend with near arm, near leg (no open stance)

2/2 Full Court — Seal the gap
TP: Get off and get ahead

Tates Locke “Rule of Two”
              2 minutes to Teach a Drill
              2 days to Learn the Skill
              2 months to make it a Habit.

JB doesn’t use a whistle in practice...wants player to be able to lock into his voice.

3. Can’t keep them from getting shots but can influence where those shots come from.

Things we can control:
Conversion Defense
Defensive Rebounding
Low Post Defense

JB likes to “Red” the post — double big to big

All players are denied pass inside of 16’
JB: “We don’t get to the mid-line on help because we don’t deny.”

Don’t concede post feed.

Side Ball Screen (Outer Third)
“Body Up” - make ball use screen
“Body In”
Screen Defender: Hand on hip
2 Steps Thru

High Ball Screen—Level/Show

JB: “If I was a high school coach I’d have an alternate defense for playing from behind.”

Al McGuire: Greatest emotion is winning
2nd Greatest emotion is losing
Winning goes to the head
Losing goes to the heart
Must learn to move forward