Saturday, May 28, 2016


The following are Part III (and the final part) of notes I took from Coach Mike Dunlap at the A Step Up Assistant Coaching Symposium two weeks ago.

Know the ingredient of a good drill:
              1. time
              2. score
              3. rotation (likes assistants teaching players as they rotate off)
              4. element of surprise
              5. rebounding

Izzo has assistants charting rebounding at practice.

Drills have to have purpose — have to connect to your philosophy.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Coach Dunlap’s power word is “Servant”

Qualifications for an assistant coach.

#1 Be a servant — it’s not about you
     Be interested in the process...if you’re good, they’ll find you

#2 Shut your mouth
     The head coach needs your eyes to see what he/she can’t see
     Know you

When players “push back” they are testing you.

Make your questions to players more specific

No ball rebounding (ball kills the drill)

“Get the ball out of the drill when you want to get it right.”

Add by subtraction — take the dribble away

Simplify questions

Don’t give away your standards...don’t allow them to lower the ball.

Compliment them when they ask a good question
Let them answer it
Allow them to be wrong
That’s teaching

I was willing to wait 20 years to get the dream.

Most of us aren’t willing to pay the price.

Success = change in behavior

What are the trends...think of common denominators

Sunday Morning piece by Charles Osgood on 3 guitar players with the same teacher...teacher asked what was the key for the one who became a star:  “The start could deal with discouragement.”

Nick Saban: “Be great where you are at.”