Thursday, May 26, 2016


The following are Part II of notes I took from Coach Mike Dunlap at the A Step Up Assistant Coaching Symposium two weeks ago.

Must have a goal/game plan watching film with your team: What do you want to get out of these video clips.

Steph Curry is special because he has mastered the ability to make space.

Coaches, when you are in practice, don’t pick a space and moving.

Nick Saban: “You can only be where your shoes are.”

Wooden: he rotated during practice and staff rotated with him (Dale Brown taught this — probably got it from Wooden).

Practice Building:
              Practice plan: Has 4 to 5 rewrites and has them with his staff
              Doesn’t adjust practice seasonally
              They are a “1 more” program
              Promise less, do more
              Look for reasons to shorten practice

Players don’t get better the last third of the season because of the lack of attention to skill work.

Big believer in finding time to player 1/1 and 2/2 late in the season...create tournaments (got to play for something)

Coach Dunlap wants them “going out of practice with their voices humming”

Always teach heavy stuff in the beginning

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