Monday, May 23, 2016


The following are just a few of the notes I took from Coach Mike Dunlap at the A Step Up Assistant Coaching Symposium two weeks ago.

Know the five laws of Teaching
1. Explain what you want
2. Demonstrate for the learner
3. Player demonstrates
4. Correct demonstration
5. Repetition is lord and master

Know how players learn
1. Visual
2. Auditory
3. Kinetic
4. Writing/Drawing
4. Player as coach
5. Cooperative versus competitive technique
6. Whole, part, whole versus part whole method
7. Feedback system – negative versus positive

Drills — need time and score
              Keep personal records
              Keep team records
Using notebooks is paramount to learning.

Coach Dunlap takes a notebook everywhere...even a restaurant
              “Never know when someone will drop some knowledge on me.”

When a child has a problem, find an object they love and work through the object.  Has best conversations with players while they are shooting.

Your office can be the worst place for a meeting with a player.