Monday, May 30, 2016


Here are some thoughts from Lin Dunn that I got listening to her speak and spending some time with her at A Step Up Assistant Coaching Symposium a few weeks ago:

As a pro coach, she spend 15 minutes each day on fundamentals.

Building Confidence:
     Preparation (goal is to be over-prepared)
     Investment (being the best you can be)
     Trust in the System
     Have goals
     Consistent Improvement
     Believe in People
     Believe in Teamwork

Core Values -- the will be the foundation of your program
     What is important to you
     Work ethic (walk the walk coaches)

Characteristics she loves in players
     Mentally tough
     Loved coaching kids who had faced adversity
     Failure = Opportunity
     Poised & Composed
     Highly competitive
     Ability to Focus in the moment
(notice this list was about intangibles)

True champions value giving back.

Mental toughness: bend without breaking

Be careful what you say after a game...only player acknowledgement after the game.

If you have a sense of humor, use it.