Wednesday, May 18, 2016


At last week's A Step Up Assistant Coaching Symposium, Mike Neighbors was one of the key note speakers to talk about his journey to becoming a head coach.  When I was done, I had five pages of notes!  Here are just a few of some his thoughts he shared with us:

Figure out what you'll sacrifice.

Have your philosophy in writing.

You've been accused of being a good coach -- what will be your evidence.

Don't get ready, stay ready.

Everyday is an interview.

Pet peeve: Assistants that point out obvious stats at half-time -- "They are killing us on the boards."  Don't tell me what, tell me how and why and give me a solution.

Reading allows you to learn from other's experiences.

If you share it, you'll make it good.

Mike talked about creating culture and all the things you do to assist that.  For example, he likes enthusiastic teams.  He charted the number of high fives his team gave vs. Maryland -- it was 971.

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