Sunday, May 29, 2016


Those loyal followers of our blog know of your strong belief in Process Over Results.  This weekend I've been rereading "The Xs &Os of Success" by Coach Lon Kruger and loved this passage.

During practice drills, the desired outcome has nothing to do with a scoreboard, thus the score annot be used as a metric.  We want our players to embrace this and focus on more identifiable and more immediate results.

Compete for the strong block out.  Compete to set the proper screen.  Compete to finish the shot.  Players have control over these outcomes by they compete for the desired results.

We want our players to play every possession like it's the last possession of the game and will determine the result.  We want this to become a habit.

Competing to win each possession means we must always focus on the details.  We never talk about simply winning with our team.  We do talk about doing all of the little things well and that will give us the best chance to win, regardless of the score.

Once your team begins competing based upon the score, you will find slippage within the details and the fundamentals.