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Friday, June 3, 2011


Usually at this time of the year, we have already met with our team and players individually to talk about the summer and their off-season plans.  We map out a course of direction for them to help them improve their game and come back in the fall as better players.  Are we doing the same thing as coaches.  In Kevin Eastman's most recent blog he talks about "Seven Career Enhancing Thoughts Heading into Summer:

1.  Great time to add to your knowledge on the game, coaching, relationship building, your system, and any other area you may be deficient in or need to stay relevant in

2.  Spend quality "think time" putting serious and sustained thought to things that you need to improve on this summer (in your career, about your system, in your life)

3.  Phone or visit someone you always wanted to meet up with.  Keep in mind that they may be very busy as well, so this may not be easy.  But better to try and fail than continually wish you had done this.

4.  You tube people you always wanted to learn from so you can listen to interviews or speeches this person may have given.

5.  Google articles about someone you wanted to learn from.  I have learned more from this exercise than many people may have by listening to that person live.

6.  Work on your health and your body.  Get in better shape than you have ever been; it will make you feel better and ultimately help you become better because you will have more energy.

7. Organize your off season very tightly because this is the time of the year when many put things on cruise.  Cruising won't accomplish much, but planning followed by action definitely will!

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