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Friday, June 10, 2011


The following is some commentary from Coach Creighton Burns in his most recent newsletter.  I know John Wooden is looking down from heaven and nodding his head strongly in agreement:

Is it me, or am I getting too old. It is very difficult for me to like the smiles, the chest pounding, the body bumps, and all the crap that is going on in basketball today. It seems that no one knows how to win a game, or make a play, and act like they have "been there and done that" before. It seems to me that players do not respect the game, and most certainly do not respect their opponent when they show them up the way they do. What ever happened to "beat them on the scoreboard" and then shake hands after the game is over. There is way too much TV camera in the huddle, and way too much of the showboating on the floor. As mentioned earlier, I may be getting too old. If that kind of thing would have happened when I was playing professional baseball the ball would have gone behind the showboat's head the next time they got in the batters box. You did not show up your opponent, and you did not put yourself above the game. In my mind, it should be that way today. What happened to exhibiting CLASS?

Couldn't agree with you more Coach Burns!